A chance to catch up on our five most-read items of the week

Five: 'Pay to stay' is just another way to punish social housing tenants

In fifth place this week is a piece which looked at the government's plans to charge higher rents to social housing tenants earning over a certain amount. It suggested the policy is a disincentive for people to get on and amounts to little more than another way to punish those living in council or housing association properties.

Four: Brexit: A country's critics are its best friends

Next up is a piece which argued that those who shout the loudest about their love of country are usually the ones who end up causing it the most harm. It suggested that Britain is now the political laughing stock of the world and that it's the self-proclaimed "patriots" who turned us into a joke.

Three: Jeremy Corbyn heading for landslide victory over Owen Smith

In third place is a report on a new poll which showed that Jeremy Corbyn was heading for a landslide victory over Owen Smith. With it looking almost inevitable that Corbyn will stay on in charge of Labour, this piece asked what's next for the party.

Two: Owen Smith's Big Pharma past rules him out as Labour leader

Even before this week's poll, Owen Smith must have known his chances of beating Corbyn looked slim. This piece suggested that his Big Pharma past was a big part of the problem.

One: The Brexit censorship campaign

And in the top spot this week is a piece which examined the three common techniques used to shut down the debate over Brexit. It argued that with so much still undecided it's crucial that the debate continues.