Pick of the week: Leadership pressures

A chance for you to catch up on our top five most-read articles this week.

Five: Undercover police: How women forced the Met to own up

In the fifth spot this week is a piece written by the Green party peer Baroness Jenny Jones. She highlighted the important part strong women played in pushing for the inquiry into undercover policing in England, which re-opened this week.

Four: Eagle strikes: Osborne brought down at PMQs

Next is our verdict on PMQs, with the prime minister away, it was George Osborne and Angela Eagle who came head-to-head this week. This piece suggested that the shadow business secretary easily got the better of the chancellor, who put in an unusually poor performance.

Three: Sadiq Khan team accuse Zac Goldsmith of 'coded racist' attack

In third place is a piece which looked at a row between the two leading candidates to be the next London mayor. A leaflet sent by the Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith was met with allegations of 'coded' racism by Labour's Sadiq Khan's camp.

Two: Jeremy Corbyn must cut all ties with the repugnant Stop the War Coalition

Next is a piece by James Bloodworth on Jeremy Corbyn's ongoing relationship with the Stop the War coalition. It explored what the group actually stands for and suggested that if the Labour leader wants his views on peace to be taken seriously he should cut ties with the organisation. 

One: The mask slips: Oldham result brings out the real Nigel Farage

In the top spot for a second week is our piece on Nigel Farage's reaction to the Oldham West by-election result. It questioned controversial comments he made about the result and suggested that when the Ukip leader is under pressure his mask slips to reveal his true character.