Pick of the week: Farage’s facade

A chance for you to catch up on our top five most-read articles of the week

Five: The day Jeremy Corbyn's leadership withered on the vine

In fifth place this week is a piece which reported from Labour's PLP meeting ahead of the vote on Syria. It asked if Jeremy Corbyn's handling of the issue could spell the beginning of end for his leadership.

Four: Ignore the hype. Ukip will lose to Labour in Oldham West

Next is an article which went against the grain in terms of predictions for the Oldham by-election. Whilst many people were suggesting it would be a disaster for Labour, this piece written by leading Ukip expert Matthew Goodwin, rightly predicted that the party would not do as well as people thought.

Three: Comment: Hidden away in the spending review – a plan to sell off Britain's assets

Next is a piece from last week on the Chancellor's spending review. It suggested that his plans to run a surplus this year relied heavily on his decision to sell off our assets.

Two: Syria air strikes vote as-it-happened

Next up is our live coverage of the vote on Syria. It brought you all the key moments of the debate in the House as well as the reaction to it outside.

OneThe mask slips: Oldham result brings out the real Nigel Farage

In the top spot this week is a piece from this morning which looked at Nigel Farage's reaction to the Oldham West by-election result. It questioned controversial comments made by the Ukip leader about the result and suggested that beneath the cheeky chappy facade, lies a more unpleasant character.