The worst MPs on Twitter: Three – Steve Brine

Three: Steve Brine



Entertaining 2
Informative 3
Engaging with constituents 1
Regularity 1

Boredom interspersed with moments of genuine horror. Brine's account of his life in parliament usually revolves around archaic descriptions of visiting constituents. "Very pleasant chaps who stopped by for a chat while inside Parliament for a tour. Constituents from Chandler's Ford," he tweeted recently. Note the way he combines public school vocabulary with primary school grammar. His efforts at party-political point-scoring are toe-curling. "House of Commons is buzzing. Full Tory benches, lots of Labour – one Lib Dem. Good luck explaining that to constituents!" he writes. To which one can only reply: good luck developing a writing style which does not rob your readers of a desire to live. But every so often an unsettling predatory personality takes over, triggering revulsion and horror, like suddenly finding Tom Jones in your bedroom in the dead of night. "Take my hat & everything else (well almost everything) off to the good ppl of East Stratton 4 another cracking fete," he wrote recently. The horror.

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