Saga: Cuts will only make home care standards worse

Dr Ros Altmann, director-general of over-50s organisation Saga, comments on the Equality and Human Rights Commission's report on failing home care standards:

"Of course, there is wonderful care out there, but as councils keep cutting care budgets, standards can only get worse: hardly a week goes by without another damning report into the treatment of the elderly and vulnerable in this country.

"But so far, nothing has actually been done to address the reality of the day-to-day indignities many older people endure.

"The government knows about these issues – how can they not, as they are continually presented with evidence of a care system in crisis?

"Predictable pre-packaged ministerial responses expressing outrage and pledging action are not enough.

"Let me ask this: when was the last time we saw any decisive action – as opposed to talk?"