The political week on Twitter

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Revelations from former chancellor Alistair Darling's memoir about his relationship with then prime minister Gordon Brown led to considerable mirth:

@bbcHIGNFY – Alistair Darling's memoir will reveal feuding inside Gordon Brown's government, as well as details of bears' toilet habits in wooded areas.

@danjayjohnson – Here we go again let's all have a go at Gordon Brown. Almost forgot that Alastair Darling is one of the most boring people I've met

@TheGreenBenches – Alastair Darling favoured a 20% VAT rate. Gordon Brown was wise to keep a tight rein on him.

Transfer deadline day in the English football leagues caused many to speculate over whether MPs should also be subject to a last minute sale:

@TwungParliament – Should we have a political transfer day deadline? Which MPs would you like to see your leadership bringing in or removing from the bench?

@nigelfletcher – Perhaps politics should have a transfer day? Can think of a few MPs << probably wouldn't get much money for them though

Outspoke Conservative backbencher Nadine Dorries' proposed health and social care bill abortion amendment sparked debate:

@Glinner – I wouldn't trust Nadine Dorries to tell me the time, let alone guide policy on reproductive rights

@sdv_duras – laughs – Nadine Dorries: "I am not an MP for any reason other than because God wants me to be" such a good argument for new-athiesm

@susie0022 – Whatever people think of abortion, don't stand behind Nadine Dorries. The woman is a liar and a grubby politician. She disgraces her cause.

@caitlinmoran – "Abortion is a wickedness that grieves God's heart" – leaflet by Cafe Confidential, the organisation Dorries wants to counsel women.

@amolrajan – Cam "has sympathy" with Dorries, No 10 tell @paulwaugh. makes me mad. what it means is he supports her but is too cowardly to say in public

@SophiaPangloss – Ah suppose if Nadine Dorries is an MP by the grace o god, then it saves her constituents the bother o haein tae vote fer her next time…

@PompeyGoat – I can understand people not agreeing with Dorries, I can't understand what people think her motives must be to hate her so much.

@MShapland – *Insert random Dorries is some kind of crazy person rant here*

@jamiesont – Bravo David Cameron. The only person we want taking us back to the 50's Nadine Dorries is Doc Brown in a Delorean.

Education secretary Michael Gove's surprisingly blunt speech about an "underclass" inhabiting schools polarised opinion:

@silsdenbull – I'm convinced that Michael Gove is not a real person, and just a parody of the worst kind of sanctimonious posh Tory git.

@FuzzyLogicBaby – I hope Michael Gove, Minister for Education speech wasn't empty political words as he hit nail on the head.

@northbriton45 – Michael Gove on the BBC talking about something he knows nothing about. But it's so easy to demonize the 'underclass'

@NickXHall – A warm, sulphurous wind spreads across the countryside: somewhere, Michael Gove is holding a press conference

The government's NHS reforms continued to elicit attention:

@CatMcKinnellMP – Over 350 constituents have contacted me opposing Govt's NHS Bill, but 0 in favour. I'll be voting against these reckless plans. #savethenhs

@Kevin_Maguire – Love R4 Today surprise wealthier, better educated, pushier middle class patients get better NHS care. Tomorrow's prog: Earth is round

@RichardJMurphy – Who is the shadow health secretary and when did they go awol? As the NHS is torn to shreds where is Labour?

@Natt – Good to see the Lib Dems using their gov power to block religious fundamenatalists tampering with the NHS. Oh no, that's right, they're not.

@debmattinson – Doctor friend tells me his hospital is struggling with cuts eg 25% fewer consultants in unit. Service weaker and riskier. NHS ringfencing?

Deposed Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi continued to evade capture in Libya resulting in a mixture of light-hearted and more serious comments:

@joshuatopolsky – Gaddafi has really bad SEO.

@benstockbiz – Reports coming through that Gaddafi may have slipped into Jordan. Has the woman no shame?

@Yifrenia – BBC News: woman from Tripoli "we can live without water. Gaddafi killed us for 40 years. We have freedom now. We don't need water" #Patience

@theJeremyVine – Gaddafi now willing "to discuss transition of power" … I've never seen the word "loss" spelt like that before

Treasury figures showed a disparity between spending in Scotland and England in favour of the Scots reignited debates over devolution and independence:

@ewansc – There's an obvious answer to this tedious and misinformed debate about Scottish/English spending – it's called independence

@BankBabble – @GdnPolitics Scottish independence may be 'catastrophic' however given govt think I would sooner live north of the border than south!

@TomHarrisMP – The bottom line for the SNP is that they genuinely believe that no other party is "properly" Scottish.

Anti-Israel protesters interrupted the BBC proms:

@pete_sinclair – BBC Proms disrupted at Royal Albert Hall – police say the protests were orchestrated.

@PrimlyStable – Reading online reaction to #Proms protest. Apparently the BBC is both pro- and anti-Israel, which suggests they're getting it about right.

@MatthewLumby – I'm sad to hear about the @bbcproms tonight. Zubin Mehta is a man who has worked to heal divisions, not to make them worse. #proms #Israel

@Izaakson – Great #BDS Proms protest. Worth remembering to even play in the orchestra you have to sign a commitment to promote #Israeli state policies.

@DenisMacShane – Wonderful to hear British people shouting "Out, Out, Out" at Proms anti-Jewish hate merchants. What a shaming moment in our cultural history

Finally, there were problems for Labour MP Michael Dugher who got into a lengthy debate with prominent blogger @MrHarryCole over lobbying, but also forgot his wife's birthday:

@MichaelDugherMP – Think i've blown Husband of the Year. It's Mrs D's birthday tomorrow & I'm in a 24hr Tesco in Barnsley looking for a gift. How bad is that?