Pick of the week: Corbyn’s gift to the Tories

A chance for you to catch up on our top five most-read stories of the week.

Five: Could the Psychoactive Substances Bill trigger the end of drug prohibition?

In fifth place this week is a piece which gave a glimmer of hope to British drug reformers. It suggested that the Irish equivalent to our Psychoactive Substances Bill was such a failure that it actually prompted real progress on drug reform in the country. With Ireland now moving towards the decriminalisation of possession of all drugs, this piece asked if the same could happen here.

Four:  The report which could destroy Britain's immigration detention centres

Next, we have an article which analysed the damning findings of a report on British immigration detention centres. It asked if the publication of the Shaw report could mark a turning point in the secretive world of British detention.

Three: Revealed: The true cost of Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms

In third place is a look at another report which has been published recently. An audit of the government's welfare reform, which was carried out by the Labour MP and chairman of the work and pensions select committee Frank Field, revealed the impact many of Iain Duncan Smith's reforms are having on society's most vulnerable people.

Two: Government bans poppers…. until the summer

Next is our report of the Commons debate on the psychoactive substances bill. Amid some extraordinary scenes, MPs voted to include poppers in a ban on legal highs. The draft legislation has come in for much criticism for it's broad definition of what could become illegal under the new plans.

One: Jeremy Corbyn's Falklands comments have surrendered the next election to the Tories

In the top spot this week is a piece which looked at Jeremy Corbyn's appearance on the Andrew Marr show. It suggested that his comments on the Falklands only served to justify some of the Tories' main attacks on the Labour leader and left Corbyn very much on the wrong side of the British public.