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Less jail, more sorry
Cut youth crime: ‘Make them say sorry’

By Emmeline Saunders Anti-social crime committed by young people would be cut if offenders were made to face their victims, a report has suggested. The report, by the Prison Reform Trust (PRT), recommended getting young offenders to take responsibility for their action – known as “restorative justice”. This would cut crime, reduce the number of… Read more »

Answer NRW’s call for evidence on wild bird licensing says BASC
Improvements to livestock worrying legislation welcome news for gamekeepers, says BASC

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has welcomed the announcement that enclosed gamebirds are to be included within enhanced livestock worrying legislation in England and Wales. Listing enclosed gamebirds and increasing police powers for dealing with incidents of livestock worrying are just two parts of a wider Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill introduced… Read more »

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Mr Grayling has called for greater police powers to ground young troublemakers
Police should ‘ground’ kids say Tories

By Jonathan Moore Shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling, today called for the police to be given the power to ground young troublemakers in their homes. Speaking to the Local Government Association(LGA) in his first major address as shadow home secretary, Mr Grayling said he would instruct police to collect persistent young troublemakers and bring them… Read more »