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Kelly launches consultation on new transport strategy
Transport strategy attacked for lack of ‘green vision’

Ruth Kelly today unveiled the government’s new transport strategy, designed to increase economic competitiveness without harming the environment. The transport secretary argued it is a “false choice” to assume policies can either be “poor and green” or “rich and dirty”. However, environmental campaigners warned the government risks pursuing a contradictory transport policy; undermining targets for… Read more »

MDU advises doctors on how to prevent a delayed diagnosis in prostate and testicular cancer
MDU continues ‘doctors for doctors’ ethos with new chief executive

The Medical Defence Union (MDU), the UK’s first and leading medical defence organisation for doctors, today announced that it has appointed Dr Matthew Lee as its new chief executive. Dr Lee will take over from Dr Christine Tomkins, who is retiring in September after a long career supporting MDU members. Dr Tomkins has been in… Read more »

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Govt considers extending hard shoulder scheme
Kelly considers opening motorway hard shoulders

A traffic management scheme that allows motorists to drive on hard shoulder of the motorway during busy periods could be rolled out nationally, the transport secretary said today. For the past two years, drivers along the M42 near Birmingham have been able to use the hard shoulder as an additional lane during peak periods. The… Read more »