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MDU appoints new commercial director as digital services grow

The Medical Defence Union (MDU), a mutual membership body offering indemnity and medico-legal support to doctors and dental professionals, has appointed Andrew Archibald to the role of commercial director. Andrew and team are responsible for leading the development and growth of the MDU’s products and services to 200,000 doctor and dentist members. Having worked in… Read more »

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Jack Straw, leader of the House of Commons
Straw ‘supports’ party spending cap

Jack Straw, the leader of the House of Commons, has said he is in favour of placing greater limits on the amount of money that political parties can spend. Although he believes the existing mechanisms in place to stop parties from overspending are “effective”, Mr Straw still thinks that there is room for improvement. “The… Read more »

Hazel Blears denies wrongdoing in loans row, as do the Conservatives
Parties defiant over secret loans

Both Labour and the Conservatives have insisted they acted within the law in failing to declare millions of pounds worth of loans ahead of the last general election. In separate hearings before the committee on standards in public life yesterday, both Labour chairwoman Hazel Blears and shadow constitutional affairs secretary Oliver Heald said their parties… Read more »