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Campaigners have been pushing for age-discrimination laws for a long time
Equality bill expected to outlaw age discrimination

Government leaks suggest tomorrow’s single equality bill may outlaw discrimination on the basis of age. Reports were circulating at the weekend that the government may be about to listen to the calls of elderly campaigners who have long called for age discrimination to be included in Labour’s tough equality agenda. Those reports have been building… Read more »

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The statistics will increase pressure on the government to do something about pensioner poverty
822 pensioners a day fall into poverty

Three hundred thousand pensioners have fallen into poverty over the last year, the government has revealed. The data means 822 pensioners become poverty-stricken every day. Mervyn Kohler, special adviser for Help the Aged, said: “When older people live on a fixed income it is virtually impossible for them to pull themselves out of poverty. “Pensioners… Read more »