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First BASC Wildlife Fund political reception held in Welsh parliament

The first BASC Wildlife Fund political reception was held in the Senedd this week, highlighting to cross-party MSs the positive impact sustainable shooting has on conservation efforts and connecting people with their environment. The reception aimed to introduce the BASC Wildlife Fund (BWF) to Members of the Senedd (MSs), showcasing the work of shoots, clubs… Read more »

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Week-in-Review: Will embracing the language of Brexit benefit Labour?

Take Back Control. These infamous three words, devised by the official Vote Leave camp during the 2016 EU referendum campaign, should strike fear into the heart of any devout anti-Brexit activist. It is this rhetorical flourish, repeatedly incessantly through 2016-2019, to which behavioural and political scientists alike attribute the success of the Brexit campaign.  There… Read more »

The ‘cavalry is coming’, promises Reeves ahead of Starmer speech

Sir Keir Starmer will use his speech on Thursday to set out “the vision for a Labour leadership and a Labour government”, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves has said. Speaking on Thursday morning, Ms Reeves added that this shows that the “cavalry is coming”. She repeatedly referred to Sir Keir as “our next prime minister”. The… Read more »