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Firearms licensing service improved after criticism

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has been made aware that several firearms licensing departments that had previously stopped grant applications have revised their policy after criticism from BASC, press coverage and intervention by MPs. Licensing departments in North Yorkshire, Thames Valley, Kent and Northamptonshire had all previously announced that grant applications for… Read more »

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Cameron’s A-list rejected by party activists

Conservative activists have rejected leader David Cameron’s latest attempt to modernise the party by trying to get more women and ethnic minorities elected to parliament. Party members in the seat of Bromley and Chiselhurst snubbed an ‘A-list’ of preferred MPs-in-waiting drawn up by Conservative head office, instead selecting a local figure to represent them in… Read more »

Tory policy review group proposes radical changes to rules of the road
Tories propose new road rules

Motorists should be allowed to turn left even when the traffic lights are red, a Conservative party review group has proposed. The plans – which are not yet official Tory policy – are aimed at cutting congestion, which the economic competitiveness policy group argues is holding British business back. Led by former Conservative minister John… Read more »