Minimum unit pricing – IAS statement on Public Health Scotland report

“This policy is one of the most comprehensively analysed measures in recent years, testament to the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackling alcohol harm. And today’s report shows how important it is to design policies that create a healthier and safer environment for all.


“It is easy to forget that this has a real impact on people’s lives. There are over 250 people alive today who wouldn’t be if the policy had not been implemented. It is also easy to take for granted that thousands of friends and family members of these people are saved from the grief of their loss. Not only has the policy saved lives, but it also reduced inequality by saving more lives among the most deprived in Scotland. It is therefore a progressive policy that can support the levelling up agenda.


“For years now, the UK government has said it is interested in MUP and has been waiting to see what the Scottish outcome will be. Well now we know. There is no time to lose in implementing the policy in England too. Otherwise avoidable deaths will continue while we wait.” – Dr Katherine Severi, chief executive, Institute of Alcohol Studies.