Govt planning to divert £1bn to fund home insulation

Commenting on reports that Boris Johnson has ordered ministers to find £1bn to fund a home insulation programme, Mike Childs, head of policy at Friends of the Earth, said:

“The Prime Minister’s right to recognise that insulating homes is an urgent priority to stop people going cold this winter, and to cushion the blow of rocketing energy bills. But rather than backing a proper scheme to make the UK’s heat-leaking homes warmer, he’s more interested in poaching money from existing insulation funding pots.

“When there are over 5 million homes that could benefit from basic home warming measures such as loft or cavity wall insulation, it’s clear we need a well-funded, free street-by-street insulation programme to minimise the amount of energy our homes waste.

“A comprehensive plan like this would cost in the region of £4-6 billion, much more than amount the Prime Minister is said to be seeking. Instead of giving Windfall Tax handouts to the fossil fuel industry, Boris Johnson should urge the Chancellor to invest in British homes.”