London Zoo’s pygmy goats kick off ‘race’ around the world

London Zoo’s pygmy goats kick off ‘race’ around the world

Charity behind London and Whipsnade Zoos launches ‘global’ fundraising challenge ‘Around the World in 30 Days’

ZSL London Zoo’s pygmy goats are showing fundraisers just how it’s done as they prepare to take on ZSL’s exciting new Around the World in 30 Days challenge.

Kicking off on 1 June, Around the World in 30 Days will see participants set a distance they’d like to cover across 30 days and collectively aim to travel 40,075km – equal to the circumference of the globe. Participants will raise as much money as possible for global conservation charity ZSL, taking on their challenge of choice by running, walking, trotting, wheeling or cycling, turning their daily exercise into fundraising. Participants will be able to clock their distance on ZSL’s global tracker, and see how, together, they make progress around the world.

London Zoo’s herd of five pygmy goats already enjoy a daily walk around the zoo, and their zookeepers will be adding their total distance in June to the fundraising tally. The goats’ chosen route will see them trotting past Bactrian camels, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and llamas at ZSL London Zoo.

Throughout June, goats Potticus, Ellie, Hick, Holly and Brambles are aiming to rack up an impressive 12km and fundraise £500 to help save endangered wildlife across the world. Averaging 6km an hour – zookeepers expect their daily walk to take under an hour a day – providing the perfect amount of exercise for the miniature creatures as well as lots of sights and smells to discover on the way.

Wildlife enthusiasts are being asked to follow the lead of the Zoo’s goats and set their own Around the World in 30 Days target, to help support the international conservation charity’s work around the world.

Zookeeper Poppy Tooth said, “The goats love their daily walks though London Zoo, but there’s a challenge of keeping them focussed and all walking in the same direction without getting too distracted by their favourite snack, leaves.

“The goats have been putting in the practice ready to take on their challenge and we are sure they are set to be top of the leader board. We couldn’t think of a better way help raise vital funds for ZSL’s conservation work across the world. Your support for the challenge would mean a lot to all the pygmy goats, and their keepers, if you’re able to donate and support our challenge visit Or if you are feeling competitive, you can take part in in Around the World in 30 Days and see if you can top the leader board ahead of our herd of goats.”

“ZSL is helping vulnerable wildlife recover all over the globe and by taking part in this challenge, alongside our goats, you will help us to continue this worldwide conservation work.”

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