Sick pay changes ‘act of national self-sabotage’

Today’s nonsensical announcement will prolong the pandemic with more outbreaks, says GMB Union

GMB Union  has responded to today’s announcement Statutory Sick Pay will no longer be paid from day one.

Dan Shears, GMB National Health and Safety Director, said:

“Today’s nonsensical announcement guarantees workers will attend the workplace with covid.

“This will prolong the pandemic with more outbreaks. Asking people to exercise responsibility whilst taking away a key workplace provision for them to do that just shows how incompetent this Government is.

“The UK’s poverty Statutory Sick Pay rates, among the lowest in Europe, are a public health hazard as workers cannot afford to stay home when they are ill.

“The situation will be made even worse in April when SSP is cut in real terms against a backdrop of rampant inflation.

“Restoring the three day limit is an act of national self-sabotage. It’s time for wholesale reform of Statutory Sick Pay rate.”