‘Milestone’ appointment to the APIL board

APIL has opened the doors of its governing board to laypeople, with the appointment of Victoria Lebrec to the association’s executive committee this month.

Victoria, who was horrifically injured when she was knocked off her bicycle by the driver of a skip lorry, is former head of policy, campaigns and communications at RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims. An announcement about the appointment of a second layperson to APIL’s executive committee (EC) is expected later in the Spring.

“The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has been working with, and for, injured people for more than thirty years,” said chief executive Mike Benner. “We want to build on what we have accomplished and are looking ahead to the work which needs to be done to create a better world for people with needless injuries.

“Our strategy is ambitious and, of course, has injured people at its heart, so we think it is only right that we now have people who have direct experience of needless injuries at board level, working together with our lawyer executive committee members. This is a milestone appointment and an exciting time for us. We are delighted to welcome Victoria as our first layperson on the EC.”

Victoria lost her left leg as a result of the crash and spent years in litigation to obtain the compensation she needed to help rebuild her life.

“Having suffered the most awful injuries following a road crash, I know first-hand how vitally important the role of personal injury lawyers is to help victims cope and recover,” she said. “I’m very much looking forward to helping APIL with their work representing the interests of people who have been injured or bereaved through negligence.

“It is incredibly difficult to effect change for the benefit of victims, and I think it’s fantastic that APIL is looking to hire people with personal experience.”