Labour MPs plotting coup against Jeremy Corbyn ‘on day one’

The parliamentary Labour party will seek to oust Jeremy Corbyn as soon as he becomes leader, a Labour MP has warned.

Simon Danczuk told LBC that Labour MPs would "not put up" with the "crazy left-wing policies" Corbyn plans to pursue as leader.

Asked if the plotting against Corbyn would begin "on day one" he replied: "Yeah, if not before. As soon as the result comes out."

"Am I going to put up with some crazy left wing policies that he is putting forward and traipse through the voting lobby to support him? It's not going to happen is it? So I would give him about twelve months if he does become leader."

Under Labour party rules, MPs can force a new leadership election with the support of as few as 47 MPs.

However, senior figures in the party have warned that hundreds of Labour MPs would refuse to serve under Corbyn, leaving him unable to form a shadow cabinet.

The Daily Telegraph reports that at least two thirds of the shadow cabinet would be left unfilled, with as few as 30 MPs willing to work for the Labour leadership frontrunner.

"You always have to vote with the whip [as a minister]. If the whip is now in favour of leaving Nato, of a completely new policy on Trident … I just cannot see how many people will be prepared to accept that responsibility," one shadow cabinet minister said.

With a new poll suggesting Corbyn is set to win the leadership by a landslide, many Labour MPs are now calling for the whole race to be suspended and re-run.

"I believe this process should be halted, not because I oppose democracy, but because this contest has been a serious failure and risks causing lasting damage to the Labour Party." Danczuk wrote in a piece for

Fears of widespread entryism by far-left groups and Tories have been repeatedly spread by critics of Corbyn. Danczuk claimed at least a third of those people applying to take part in the contest in his local constituency were "suspect".

However, a YouGov poll out this week showed that Corbyn was well ahead of his rivals, even with long-standing Labour members, suggesting that any entryism will not change the final result.

Many MPs are also calling on former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown to intervene and urge members to reject Corbyn as the "last best chance" to stop him