Councillor quits after ‘disabled kids should be put down’ remark

Councillor quits after ‘disabled kids should be put down’ remark

By Tony Hudson

The Cornwall county councillor who provoked outrage by saying disabled children should be put down has bowed to public pressure and resigned.

Collin Brewer profusely apologised for the remarks which he originally told the BBC were a result of being "hot under the collar" and being "caught on the wrong day".

"I was wrong, I admit it. I will continue to apologise. It's very painful. I didn't sleep last night. I probably won't sleep tonight", he said.

Initially, the independent Cornwall councillor refused to resign for the comments.

"I have no intention of resigning. I don't think I have done anything wrong. I have apologised", he said.

Disability Cornwall chairman Steve Padget said Brewer's decision to resign was a sign he had "finally seen sense", but was "appalled" it took so long to reach a resolution, calling for Cornwall council to provide disability equality training for all councillors.

Brewer made the comments at an equalities event in 2011 to Theresa Court, advice services manager for Disability Cornwall, who said the comments made her "physically sick".

"I remember him coming over and asking what the stall was about. I was explaining to him about the parent partnership service when he said disabled children should be put down. He said they cost the council too much money", she said.