Greens claim the London protest was ignored by Labour government and Miliband should apologise.

Labour ‘utterly ignored’ millions: Greens demand Miliband apology for Iraq

Labour ‘utterly ignored’ millions: Greens demand Miliband apology for Iraq

By Tony Hudson

Ed Miliband should apologise for the Labour party's decision to invade Iraq in 2003, the leader of the Green party said today.

Natalie Bennett made the demand in recognition of the tenth anniversary of the invasion and the accompanying anti-war protests in London.

Bennett accused the Labour government of utterly ignoring the "two-million strong anti-war protest" and pressing on with a disastrous war policy.

"Fifty-five per cent of Britons agree that the London marchers were right because the war was delivered on false pretences and delivered little other than bloodshed", she said.

"Yet Ed Miliband, who has apologised for the Blair government's immigration policy, has failed to say sorry for the decision to take Britain into an unjustified war."

Britain's involvement in the war lasted from March 19th 2003 to May 22nd 2011 and was part of an allied effort with the US. It resulted in the loss of 179 British soldiers.

The remarks were made as part of Bennett's speech at the Green party's spring conference in Nottingham.