By Ian Dunt

An 89-year-old peer has become an internet sensation after thousands watched her flash the V-sign at a fellow Lord during a debate.

Conservative peer Baroness Trumpington can be seen making the gesture at former defence secretary Lord King after he appeared to mention her age.


Discussing the lack of survivors from the First World War, Lord King said: "Then the survivors of World War II started to look pretty old as well, as my noble friend the baroness reminded me, claiming to be the only survivor I think, in this House, of those who gave great service to their nation."

Before Lord King had a chance to praise her war record, Baroness Trumpington waved her two fingers at Lord King dismissively

"'I didn't mean to make the gesture. My hand must have flown up," she told the Daily Mail.

"I have never been offended by Lord King. I don't remember doing it."

The Baroness worked in Bletchley Park during the war before becoming a Tory whip in the 1980s.