‘Tacky’ Osborne is Dorries’ latest target

By Alex Stevenson

George Osborne is the latest senior Conservative politician to face the full force of Nadine Dorries' wrath.

The chancellor has been labelled "immature" and "tacky" by Ms Dorries for his eyebrow-raising joke at the GQ Awards earlier this week.

"With the arrival of the 2010 intake, the Conservative backbenches are full of incredibly smart and able young men who would make an excellent job of being chancellor," she wrote on her blog, before listing a number of likely alternatives.

"They may also bring some much needed class and statesmanship to the role.

"I just hope no one else was watching and the shame of having such an immature and tacky chancellor, is all ours."

Mr Osborne was among those laughing loudest when David Cameron called her "frustrated" during prime minister's questions.

His half-intended rebuke left her humiliated minutes before she attempted to secure a change in current abortion counselling arrangements, which were defeated on a free vote – but only after the prime minister had signalled his opposition to them.

The Mid-Bedfordshire MP had called Mr Cameron "gutless" for allegedly bowing to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg's will on the issue.

Now she has hit out again, questioning Mr Osborne's appropriateness for No 11.

"Is it just me, or does anyone else expect our chancellor to act in this manner?" she asked.

Mr Osborne had told the GQ Awards audience as he picked up the politician of the year award: "I'm not sure who actually reads the politics pages of GQ magazine.

"I suspect they are the only pages that a teenage boy hasn't stuck together in reading the magazine.

"Some might say that’s because the w***ers are on the page rather than reading them."