Coalition’s approval rating plummets

By staff

Just over a quarter of the public now approve of the government's record to date, according to a poll out today.

Research by YouGov for the Sun found just 27% of respondents backed the coalition's record, compared to 43% in October last year.

The number disapproving of the government's record jumped upwards in the same period from 39% to 58%, making clear the coalition's honeymoon period with the public is well and truly over.

A similar increase in those who thought the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were working together badly suggests dissent may be linked to disharmony within the coalition.

A ten per cent fall in the number who believe prime minister David Cameron is decisive, from 32% to 22%, appears to reinforce that.

He registered negative changes for all but one of the seven characteristics pollsters asked about. Mr Cameron performed strongest on 'sticks to what he believes in', with 26% giving him this personality trait – even though that number had fallen by eight per cent in the same period.

Labour leader Ed Miliband, who has enjoyed a positive period of headlines in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal, saw perceptions about him improve positively for just two of the seven traits.

He still has some work to do, however. Just five per cent of respondents think he is a "natural leader".