The week in Westminster: October 2nd – October 6th

Michael Martin’s grilling over the Damian Green affair is the highlight of this week in parliament.

The former Speaker, who was ennobled earlier this month, blamed the serjeant-at-arms for letting police search the shadow immigration minister’s office without a warrant. MPs will assess whether he was right to do so on Monday.

Also coming up this week is a frenetic debate on the run-up to Copenhagen and, in the Lords, a careful assessment of the state of Britain’s sheep farmers.


Questions – defence
Legislation – perpetuities and accumulations bill
Debate – tackling antisocial behaviour
Adjournment debate – supermarkets and regional farming

Questions – Treasury
Ten minute rule bill – onshore wind turbines (proximity of habitation)
Legislation – constitutional reform and governance bill
Adjournment debate – police community support officer budget in Somerset

Questions – Northern Ireland, PMQs
Ten minute rule motion – food labelling (nutrition and health)
Legislation – constitutional reform and governance bill
Adjournment debate – pernicious anaemia

Questions – energy and climate change
Business statement – leader of the House
Debate – Climate Change: Preparation for the Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen
Adjournment debate – taxation of gambling


Questions – tobacco products, military overseas voting, Gaza, Zimbabwe
Legislation – apprenticeships, skills, children and learning bill
Short debate – reduction of road casualties after 2010

Introduction – Bishop of Lichfield
Questions – painkillers, specialist neuromuscular care
Legislation – welfare reform bill, policing and crime bill
Short debate – management of water and the conservation of rivers

Questions – Afghanistan, sheep farmers, Garth prison
Legislation – coroners and justice bill, apprenticeships, skills, children and learning bill
Short debate – immigration and asylum law

Questions – Lisbon treaty, Polish ministers meeting, disabled students
Legislation – policing and crime bill, green energy (definition and promotion) bill, coroners and justice bill
Short debate – 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Debate – the Armed forces and future defence policy

Pick of the committees

16:15 – former Speaker Michael Martin, before committee on issue of privilege, on: Police searches on parliamentary estate

11:00 – Cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell, before Lords constitution committee, on: Cabinet Office and the centre of government