Afghan girl killed by RAF leaflet drop

By staff

An investigation has begun into the death of a young Afghan girl who is believed to have died after being hit by a box of leaflets dropped by an RAF Hercules aircraft.

The box, containing public information leaflets, was supposed to break apart in mid-air. It landed on the girl who died later in hospital in Kandahar.

The incident, which was described by an MoD spokesman as “tragic”, took place on 23 June.

The MoD have not commented on what type of leaflet was involved in the drop.

Leaflet drops have bee used by both the Americans and the British during the campaign in Afghanistan.

Leaflets have been used to give election information and warnings about military campaigns in the area.

They have also been used to distribute so-called ‘black propaganda’ campaigns against the Taleban.

The investigation will look into why the box failed to open, although the MoD have stressed that steps have already been taken to prevent such incidents taking place in the future.

This is believed to be the first time that a civilian has been killed by a leaflet drop in the campaign.