TUC blasts P&O claims it did not break employment law

The TUC has today hit back at the P&O ferry firm’s claims that they complied with the law when sacking 800 of their staff last week.

The union body argue that this is evident as the company failed to consult with staff before the mass sacking – which the firm admitted in its letter to government yesterday.

Employers are required by law to inform and consult employee representatives of impending redundancies.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “For all their bluster and denial, all the signs point to P&O breaking the law.

“UK law requires companies to consult with workers and unions before making redundancies. In their letter to ministers last night, the company are clear that they did not do this.

“At every turn, P&O is outdoing itself with its shameful behaviour. It’s time for P&O to come clean – and to reinstate all sacked staff.

“And the government needs to hit P&O in the pockets.

“Ministers must suspend all of P&O’s licenses immediately and cancel its lucrative freeport contracts until all workers have been reinstated.

“And there can be no more kowtowing to bad bosses. The Chancellor must use his statement today to make clear that not a single penny of taxpayers’ money should be given to companies that trample over workers’ rights.”

The TUC says the government must be prepared take over P&O vessels as an operator of last resort and re-instate all 800 sacked staff.