Opposition MPs write to Home Secretary over asylum processing delays

The Labour MP for Jarrow, Kate Osborne, has organized a cross party letter sent to Home Secretary, Priti Patel, expressing concerns about the time that it is currently taking for the Home Office to process asylum applications in the UK.

The letter has been signed by 92 opposition MPs from across the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Nationalists, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, and the Alliance Party.

The letter highlights how according to the Home Office’s own figures, some 64% of asylum applicants in September 2021, were waiting 6 months or more for a decision on their cases.

It argues that it is grossly unfair for those seeking sanctuary to have to wait so long for their claims to be assessed.  It suggests that the delay impacts on their mental well being and has led in certain cases, to self harm and suicidal thoughts.

The letter calls on the Home Secretary to urgently investigate the delays and reply as soon as possible.

Most MPs come into close contact with the workings of the asylum system through cases brought to them in their constituency surgeries.