Ed Miliband criticises PM’s holiday weeks ahead of COP26 summit

Former Labour leader and current shadow business and energy secretary, Ed Miliband criticised the prime minister’s holiday in Spain amidst rising energy prices, supply chain issues and the approach of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

He told Times Radio: “We need prime ministerial leadership on this, I think this is really important. Nobody begrudges the prime minister having a holiday every so often. But I just remember that G20 summit that Gordon Brown was in charge of around the financial crisis. I can’t imagine him touring the beaches, two weeks before the summit. He would have been touring the world.”

Labour peer Stewart Wood echoed Mr Miliband’s comments via Twitter.

However in summer 2009 Gordon Brown did indeed take a month-long holiday, for which he was criticised at the time.

Boris Johnson is currently holidaying at a Spanish villa linked to Conservative peer Zac Goldsmith, who is reportedly a close friend of Carrie Johnson.