Conservatives performed poorly in yesterday’s local by-elections

The Conservatives lost three local by-elections on Thursday.

This comes after a number of national polls show plummeting confidence in the Conservatives in the wake of the ongoing No 10 lockdown parties allegations.

Redfield & Wilton polling finds that 63 percent of Britons think Johnson should resign as prime minister, and estimates that Labour have surged ahead of the government by 4 percentage points, their biggest since the 2019 general election. 

New figures from Savanta ComRes conclude that 54 per cent of voters believe the prime minister should resign.

The Liberal Democrats won 38.8% of the vote in yesterday’s Rortherham’s Anston & Woodsetts ward by-election, beating the incumbent Conservatives by 16.6%.

In another by-election in the Aughton & Swallownest ward, also in Rotherham, Labour attained a gain from the Conservatives, gaining 49.8% of the votes compared to the Conservatives 38.8%.

Labour also gained the Old Bracknell ward in Bracknell Forest, with 61.1% of the vote, 23.2% ahead of the incumbent Conservatives.

This bucks the trend of decent Conservative performance in local elections since the 2019 general election, with Labour recently losing 2 seats in post-industrials Midlands wards in local council elections held on 25 November.