Boris Johnson ‘broke the law’ and ‘lied about what happened’, says Starmer

Speaking to the BBC, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said, “I think he [Boris Johnson] broke the law. I think he’s as good as admitted that he broke the law. And, after all, Downing Street has now apologised to the Queen for some of the parties that have gone on”.

“I know that the government’s holding position is ‘let’s all wait for the Sue Gray report, … but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happened”, Sir Keir added.

Labour has opened up a consistent 10-point lead over Boris Johnson’s Conservative party in the polls. A poll conducted by YouGov for The Times put the Tories on 28 per cent, with Labour ahead on 38 per cent. Labour were up one point, while the Tories were down five points.

Sir Keir Starmer is also viewed as the “best prime minister” when compared to Johnson. Just 23 per cent said Mr Johnson would make a better PM than Sir Keir. Comparatively, 35 per cent said Sir Keir would be a better PM. 

The dramatic shift in the polls is down to the ongoing “partygate” scandals, which have seen Mr Johnson and the Conservative party’s popularity plummet.