Additional restrictions in Scotland were worth it, says Sturgeon

Speaking to the BBC’s “Sunday Morning” show this morning, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defended her government’s Covid response.

Accused last week by opposition leaders of being too “gung-ho” when her government reintroduced social distancing in hospitality venues and effectively banning large crowds at sporting events, Ms Sturgeon said today: Scotland was “in a better position than we were previously”. 

Asked if additional restrictions in Scotland were worth it by presenter Sophie Raworth, Ms Sturgeon said: “Yes, I think they were”.

“Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were in broadly the same place and took broadly the same approach. England took a different approach, as it was entitled to do”.

“If you look at the ONS survey, in terms of the detail, around 5.5 per cent of the population of England were estimated to have the virus – it was around 4.5 per cent in Scotland”.

She continued: “Overall, throughout this pandemic, levels of infection have been lower in Scotland – at times they have been higher – but overall they have been lower”.

Omicron restrictions north of the Border are due to come to an end on Monday.