A chance to catch up on our five most-read items of the week.

Five: The man in charge of Brexit has no idea what he's doing

In fifth place this week is a piece which looked at David Davis' performance in the Commons and suggested it showed he hasn't got a clue what he's doing. It argued that he either doesn't have the discipline and intelligence to stick to the Number 10 script, or he's intentionally pulling away from May's position in a bid to force her into a hard Brexit.

Four: Australian trade minister says special relationship with UK is now for 'yesteryear'

We're often told that countries will be lining up to trade with the UK post-Brexit. But this piece reported on comments made by Australia's trade minister, in which he said his country's relationship with the UK was one of 'yesteryear'.

Three: Corbyn’s Brexit policy is a betrayal of British workers

In third place is an article which suggested that Jeremy Corbyn's decision to support leaving the single market is a betrayal of British workers and that it essentially hands Brexit policy to the Tory right.

Two: No, Jeremy Corbyn doesn't want to ban after work drinks

There were several reports last week which suggested Jeremy Corbyn wants to ban after work drinks. But does he really? This piece looked at what the Labour leader really said and found that the claims seem to be based more on the imagination of the listener than on reality.

One: Owen Smith says sexist Nicola Sturgeon tweet was 'just banter'

Speaking to Politics.co.uk this week, Owen Smith said that a tweet he sent earlier this year suggesting Nicola Sturgeon should eat a gobstopper was "just political banter". Our most-read item this week reported how he also denied he had a problem with women saying that lots of women worked for his campaign.