A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read articles of the week:

Five: A new politics forms in the furnace of Brexit

It's been almost a month since the EU referendum and many people still feel bereft at the outcome. Our item in fifth place this week suggested this has more to do with the type of country we want to live in than it does with the EU and that we are witnessing a new culture war in British politics.

Four: So farewell Michael Gove… we'll miss you

Just a few weeks ago, Michael Gove was still in the running to lead the Conservative party, now he's not even in the cabinet. This piece suggested that forces of bureaucratic inertia in the prison system will be emboldened by the removal of him as justice secretary.

Three: La Pasionara vs Captain Mainwaring: MPs battle to be candidate to take on Jeremy Corbyn

Before Angela Eagle dropped out of the Labour leadership race, there was lots of talk from both her and Owen Smith about uniting the party. Our next piece reported on their first hustings and suggested there was little sign of unity among the candidates' supporters.

Two: Boris Johnson once outed MI6 spy 'for a laugh'

Boris might now be doing his best impression of a serious politician but plenty are still concerned by his appointment as foreign secretary. In second place this week, we reported that the former London mayor was once accused of putting lives at risk after he outed an MI6 spy 'for a laugh'.

One:  Everything you need to know about Theresa May’s Brexit nightmare in five minutes

And in the top spot this week we attempted to tell you everything you need to know about Theresa May's Brexit negotiations in just five minutes.