Pick of the week: Brexit, Boris and the Bedroom tax

A chance for you to catch up on our top five most-read stories of the week.

Five: Zac Goldsmith calls for demolition of London's council estates

First we have a story from last week on comments made by Zac Goldsmith during a hustings. The Conservative candidate for mayor of London said he would have an "ethical obligation" to demolish the city's council estates if he succeeded Boris Johnson.

Four: Bedroom Tax: 'Our battle with the DWP has taken its toll on our health'

In fourth place we heard from one of the families who took their legal challenge against the bedroom tax to the Supreme Court this week. Jayson Carmichael spoke about the impact the battle with the DWP has had on himself and his wife Charlotte, who is disabled.

Three: No Boris bounce for Brexit campaign as Remain pulls ahead

Next is a piece which reported that despite all the hype, Boris Johnson's support for Brexit has failed to boost the Leave campaign, either in the polls or in the betting markets.

Two: The Brexit campaign are setting themselves up to fail

In second place this week is an article which suggested there is a creeping conspiratorial aspect to complaints by the EU 'Out' camp about establishment "stitch ups". It argued that unless Eurosceptics soon change tack they could be setting themselves up to fail.

One: Nigel Farage says he doesn't care if 'irrelevant' Douglas Carswell leaves Ukip

And in first place we have a report from last night's EU referendum debate in London where Nigel Farage lashed out at his party's only MP.