Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, commented on Will Hutton’s report into fair pay:

“On a number of levels the report is a blow for the coalition government.

“The knee-jerk pronouncements of ministers on a pay cap and links to the prime minister’s salary quite rightly have been rejected.

“Such proposals were always more about seeking to attract populist public support rather than a serious consideration of the issues.

“The emphasis placed in the report on the need for clear frameworks and fairness and transparency underlines the importance of maintaining the current system for teachers’ pay and the folly of abolishing the Support Staff Negotiating Body.

“There are clearly points of concern in the report but the real danger will be that some of the recommendations do not feed the coalition’s irrational contempt of public service workers and therefore the more positive ones are unlikely to see the light of day.”