Pick of the week: Corbyn bows down

A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read stories of the week.

FiveMay is starting to implement her poisonous immigration speech

In fifth place this week is a piece which suggested that changes to how the British asylum system works could indicate that the home secretary is starting to implement aspects of the immigration speech she delivered to the Conservative party conference last month.

Four: David Cameron's migrant benefit claims referred to statistics watchdog

Next is the news that the government has been referred to the UK Statistics Authority for failing to back up David Cameron's claims that almost half of all EU migrants rely on benefits.

Three: Royal Mail staff flout strike laws to show solidarity with disabled colleague

In third place is a story about Royal Mail workers who staged a wildcat strike in protest against the treatment of a disabled colleague. The action came in the same week that the controversial trade union bill had its third reading in parliament.

Two: The big tax credit cut almost nobody has heard of

Next is a piece which highlights a cut to tax credits that most people don't know is happening. It suggests that a change to how overpayments are calculated and collected could lead to millions of people being plunged into debt.

OneJeremy Corbyn attacked for showing too much respect to the dead

In the top spot this week is a piece which looked at the response to Jeremy Corbyn attending the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. It suggested that we have reached a point where the Labour leader can do no right in the eyes of the press and claims that reports about his bow are more to do with a wider attack on him by the establishment.