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Sabby Dhalu: 'Whilst there is a difference between the two terms, historically fascist regimes and organisations have been linked with the most violent and aggressive forms of racism.'
Comment: Can you really be a fascist without being a racist?

New Sunderland AFC manager Paulo Di Canio has come under fire for his past political statements, including kind words about Benito Mussolini and the doing the Nazi salute while in Italy, but can you really be a fascist without being a racist?

Three quarters of the 166 inmates of Guantanamo Bay are estimated to be participating in the hunger strike.
UK Guantanamo inmate joins hunger strike

Shaker Aamer, the UK’s only remaining detainee in Guantanamo Bay has joined a hunger strike and is allegedly being subjected to sleep deprivation and forcible cell extractions by the US military.