Archive of 13 September 2010

Demolition government? The TUC says the government will damage Britain's public services.

Demolition government?

The coalition government's obsession with spending cuts has turned it into a "demolition government", the head of the TUC has said.

  • Poverty is rising among those in employment, according to IPPR's report

    Rise in 'working poor'

    A dramatic increase in unemployed poverty has been spared at the cost of a rise in the number of "working poor", the IPPR thinktank has suggested.

  • Election court will sit in Saddleworth

    Court challenge to Saddleworth result begins

    Shadow immigration minister Phil Woolas faces a five-day fight in court to save his Oldham East and Saddleworth seat from his Liberal Democrat challenger.

  • Osborne was repeatedly asked about the £4bn cut today

    Osborne tackled on welfare cuts

    George Osborne managed to escape a parliamentary mauling today, after an urgent question was tabled on suggestions of a massive welfare cut.

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