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Welsh government position on shooting confirmed

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has received ministerial confirmation which quashes claims that country sports will be banned in Wales by 2024.  The false information was spread through a series of social media posts in March this year, which made claims that shooting and other country sports would have no future in… Read more »

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MPs had hoped to use parliamentary privilege defence
Expenses MPs lose privilege appeal

By staff Three former MPs and a peer’s latest bid to avoid a criminal trial over their expenses claims has failed. The court of appeal backed the ruling of Mr Justice Saunders that they could not use the defence of parliamentary privilege to protect them from a trial. It means former Labour MPs David… Read more »

MPs' pensions set for review this week
MPs’ pensions feel the squeeze

By Rebecca Burns Attempts to bring MPs’ generous pensions into line with the private sector are to be proposed this week. The SSRB (Senior Salary Review Board) will recommend a number of measures aimed at cutting the estimated £200 million cost to the taxpayer of MPs’ hefty pensions, forecast over the next 15 years. A… Read more »