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Calderdale birdsong featured in new therapeutic recordings

The songs of moorland bird species have been recorded in the Calderdale area as part of a new campaign to provide their unique sounds to local care homes. The Moorland Chorus recording will be used as a therapeutic tool for those no longer able to easily access the uplands. Organised by the British Association for Shooting and… Read more »

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Deliver achievable clinical negligence reform without delay, says MDU

The House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee has published the report of its inquiry into NHS litigation reform. The Medical Defence Union (MDU) engaged closely with this inquiry, submitting written evidence. The MDU welcomes the publication of today’s report but cautioned against too much focus on fundamental and complex structural change, at… Read more »

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Oxfam calls on UK to look beyond Iraq criticism
Iraq ‘disastrous’ for UK foreign policy, report claims

The UK’s involvement in Iraq risks undermining its future efforts towards an ethical foreign policy and inflaming global insecurity, two critical reports have concluded. The “disastrous” intervention in Iraq has undermined the UK’s influence abroad, an Oxfam report concludes. However, as Tony Blair prepares to leave Downing Street, it calls on his successor not to… Read more »

Iran claims all sailors have "confessed" to trespass
Iran hints at diplomatic solution to naval dispute

Iran has suggested a diplomatic resolution to the ongoing ‘hostage’ crisis is possible, providing the UK admits it entered into Iranian waters. Ali Larijani, head of Iran’s supreme national security council, said it was Tehran’s priority to settle the matter through diplomatic channels. Appearing on Channel 4 News on Monday evening, he said it was… Read more »