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New firearms licensing database can “significantly improve the service”, says BASC

The announcement that the Home Office has begun tendering for a system to replace England and Wales’ firearms licensing database has been received enthusiastically by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). First reported in The Register, the pre-procurement notice will start the process of replacing the National Firearms Licence… Read more »

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House of Lords votes for at-home abortion provision

During last night’s late night sitting in the House of Lords, running beyond 2am, peers voted to allow women to continue to access abortion services at home. Prior to Covid, women were required to attend a clinic in person to access abortion pills. But since then, they have been able to receive the pills by post. The… Read more »

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Reid sends police chief to Basra

Defence secretary John Reid is sending a top policeman, former Northern Ireland policing chief Sir Ronnie Flanagan, to Iraq to review the police force in Basra. Sir Ronnie is to report next year on how to build a neutral and effective police force in the country. The move comes amid worries over insurgents in the… Read more »

Reid visits British troops in Basra

John Reid has confirmed his belief that British troops could begin withdrawing from Iraq next year, ahead of a visit to UK forces in the southern town of Basra. The defence secretary refrained from giving a timescale on when the pull-out might occur, but said Iraqi president Jalal Talabani’s suggestion of next year was feasible…. Read more »