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Firearms licensing service improved after criticism

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has been made aware that several firearms licensing departments that had previously stopped grant applications have revised their policy after criticism from BASC, press coverage and intervention by MPs. Licensing departments in North Yorkshire, Thames Valley, Kent and Northamptonshire had all previously announced that grant applications for… Read more »

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Tony McNulty says the government was wrong on pre-charge detention in 2005
McNulty pushes 42-day detention limit

Parliament was right to reject government proposals to extend pre-charge detention for terror suspects to 90 days, a Home Office minister has said. Tony McNulty’s admission came as the government faces a Labour rebellion against its plans to raise the pre-charge detention limit from 28 to 42 days. MPs had rejected the 90-day proposal in… Read more »

MPs argue 'no evidence' to justify 42-day pre-charge detention
MPs prepare to oppose 42-day detention

Opposition politicians have vowed to fight the government’s controversial plans to extend pre-charge detention to 42 days. The counterterrorism bill received its second reading in the Commons unopposed last night but Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and some Labour MPs plan to attack specific passages when it enters the committee stage for scrutiny. MPs remain deeply sceptical… Read more »