Value of Shooting Metro ad makes tracks across the UK

With one week to go to the election, BASC has used its fighting fund to commission a full-page advert in the Metro newspaper which was published today, 26 June, in nine regions across the UK.

The national ad campaign features the key messages about shooting from the latest Value of Shooting report and will be seen by commuters in major metropolitan areas including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow.

With a daily circulation of one million, the advert will reach people in areas of the country who are not always familiar with the benefits that shooting provides to the UK economy and the conservation of the countryside.

BASC’s deputy director of communications Garry Doolan said:

“While these arguments are well known among rural communities, we wanted to spread the word and drive the message deep into areas of the country which we don’t always reach.

“It’s a great opportunity to promote the benefits of shooting ahead of an election which will shape the narrative around fieldsports for the next five years.

“Given the sizeable contribution shooting makes to the UK economy, the important role it plays in the conservation of the countryside, and the range of other benefits it brings to our food chain and to social cohesion, the Value of Shooting report clearly demonstrates that shooting adds up to more.

“It’s a message that we should all be proud of and one we are excited to take to a new audience.”