The Children’s Society responds to Yorkshire Building Society’s survey on the cost-of-living crisis worrying children and teenagers

“Our Good Childhood Report found that even before the current crisis children’s well-being was already at a ten-year low and that teenagers who experienced financial strain were unhappier with their lives and more likely to experience symptoms of depression. This is a real concern.   

“A third of families with children were already in poverty before the cost of living crisis and this has put even more pressure on parents to make ends meet. We have previously heard of children losing sleep, worried about bailiffs knocking at their doors  their parents have not had the money to keep up with payments, and of families being evicted.   

 “The Government needs to provide targeted support for these families, such as expanding free school meals to all children whose parents are on Universal Credit or a £10 increase to child benefit.  Struggling families need long term sustainable support so they are not constantly moving from one financial crisis to the next – with all the worry and suffering that causes them and their children.”