IWF response to the Online Safety Bill

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is the UK-based body responsible for finding, removing, and preventing online images and videos of child sexual abuse.

The IWF welcomed the new Bill, but said there needs to be greater clarity in how the Bill will be implemented, and how the IWF will work with the NCA and Ofcom to make sure the internet is kept free from harmful material.

Andrew Puddephatt OBE, Independent Chair of the Internet Watch Foundation, said: “This Bill is a once in a generation chance to make sure children are not collateral damage to the growing power of the internet. But there still needs to be greater clarity on the timetable and on how the IWF is expected to work with the NCA and Ofcom.

“Our expertise in identifying, removing, and preventing child sexual abuse material online is second to none. In total last year, our analysts investigated a record 361,000 reports, including tip offs from the public, of suspected criminal material. This is more than we dealt with in the entire first 15 years of our existence.

“The IWF has been proud to work with the UK Home Office to draft the Interim Code of Practice on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

“We have long campaigned for this legislation to be effective from day one, so we are pleased to see the duties on online platforms will be enforced from the day the CSEA Code of Practice comes into effect.”