Brook response to the ruling of Quincy Bell and Mrs A v The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Brook welcomes the ruling as upholding the right of young people to consent to medical treatment 

In response to the ruling of the Court of Appeal in the judgment of Bell v Tavistock, Helen Marshall, Chief Executive of Brook, says: “We are delighted by today’s judgment. It will not only offer reassurance for trans young people and their parents, but everyone who values young people’s right to make decisions about their own healthcare in line with their evolving maturity and understanding.

Brook intervened in this appeal out of concern that young people’s autonomy was threatened by the original ruling. It is vital that we uphold the right of young people to consent to their own medical treatment in line with their individual capacity, and their ability to understand the nature, risks and benefits of treatment.

By confirming that clinicians are able to use their professional judgment to evaluate an individual young person’s capacity to consent to the use of puberty blockers, today’s judgment crucially upholds the principle of Gillick competence which underpins practice across health, social care and many other areas of work with young people.”

 About Brook’s role in the Bell v Tavistock appeal 

Brook made a joint intervention in the appeal alongside The Endocrine Society and Gendered Intelligence.

More information on the reasons for Brook’s intervention can be found here

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