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Abu Qatada is wanted in his native Jordan for conspiracy to commit acts of terror and has been described as Al-Qaida's "spiritual leader" in Europe.

Militant group offers British hostage in return for Qatada

A faction of Al-Qaida in North Africa is offering the release of a British citizen in exchange for the release of radical cleric Abu Qatada.

  • Adults only? ISPs may have to impose blanket bans with an adult opt-in.

    Labour backs porn 'opt-in' proposal

    Labour tried to outmanoeuvre the Conservatives on the issue of pornography today, as it threw its support behind plans to force internet users to 'opt-in' to online sexual content.

  • Hunted: The media secretary will be lucky to keep his job

    Hunted: Pressure builds on No.10 over BSkyB row

    Downing Street's attempts to prevent an independent inquiry into Jeremy Hunt's actions during News Corp's bid for BSkyB seemed doomed to failure last night, amid mounting pressure in Westminster.

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