Blair ‘interested in president role’

By staff

Tony Blair is interested in the position of European president, according to media reports.

Speculation about the role has been stepped up this week, with the issue dominating conversation in Westminster.

The former prime minister has not publicly said he is interested, however, probably to avoid the humiliating eventuality of being denied the post.

The Times reports today that friends of Mr Blair have confirmed to the newspaper that he indeed covets the role, and would be willing to give up his extremely well remunerated business interests in order to take it on.

The news will not surprise political observers, who have long understood Mr Blair’s endless ambition.

German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy met last night ahead of an EU meeting, and discussed the matter.

European media outlets have reported that the German chancellor was less-than-excited about the prospect of a Blair presidency, although Mr Sarkozy is thought to support the move. Neither leader will risk European solidarity on the issue, however.

The exact nature of the role has not been fully explained, however, and it is thought Mr Blair is only interested if it requires a world statesman, rather than a chairman.

The Tories, meanwhile, remain implacably opposed to the move.