Tories reject file-sharing plans

By Ian Dunt

The Conservatives have come out against Peter Mandelson’s plans to disconnect households found guilty of illegal file-sharing.

Speaking to the Financial Times, shadow media secretary Jeremy Hunt said the proposals, which are currently under consultation, could stifle the UK’s creative industries.

“A legal threat to disconnect users could have the unintended consequence of stifling innovation in areas such as video games, where the UK has a strong creative base,” he said.

“Do we really want to prosecute someone that does a video of their cat with a Beatles soundtrack behind it and posts it on YouTube?”

The plan has met fierce resistance since the business secretary suggested it after returning from his holiday in Corfu this summer.

As reported last week, it also appears to have prompted a split in the industry, with artists representatives objecting to the idea, while record company groups applaud it.